About Us

HELLHATHNOTAM is a feminist blog aimed at championing the stories of black (queer) women.

We are feminists and we encourage you to be one too.


‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is a popular saying in pop culture today but it really originated in 1697 by the playwright William Congreve in his play ‘The Mourning Bride’.

The rage of women has been politicised and villanised for as long as we can remember, from our parents conditioning us to tone down our anger, and schools punishing us for stepping out of line, and even to friends and acquaintances ready to label us as angry women at the sight of any emotion.

Most especially if you are black.

​All of our lives this is what we have been told from just about everyone. This time around we are reclaiming our power and admitting that yes we are feminists.

We are angry, we are bitter, we are furious! The world leaves us no other option than to be.

​We are dedicated to telling the stories of (black) women. We are whatever we want this to be. We are free.